Life insurance helps protect your family from the financial burden of premature death. Because your earning potential is usually your largest asset, it’s important to protect it. In reality, that means ensuring your family can remain in their home, maintain their quality of life, and afford the things they need. We’ll recommend coverage and explain why, in plain language, so you can feel confident in your protection plan. Then, we’ll shop around from over 20 insurance companies to help you find a great price. Ready to get started? Contact us or request quotes now.

Life Insurance Coverage

  • Term Life This is the lowest cost option. Coverage lasts for a specified “term”, usually 10 – 30 years.
  • Whole Life This coverage lasts until death or policy maturity (when the cash value equals the death benefit). It includes a cash value portion that earns interest.
  • Universal Life This is flexible coverage that can be designed to include cash value or not and can last for unique lengths of time.
  • Return of Premium Term Life Term coverage that will refund the sum of premiums paid to the policy owner, if the policy expires without being used.
  • Instant Issue Term Life Term coverage that can be issued without the need for medical exams.


Insurance companies offer a variety of discounts for preferred characteristics, which can lower your rates. Some discounts are common to many carriers and some are specific to a carrier. Below are some common examples but not a complete list.

  • Tobacco free
  • Safe driver
  • Pay in full
  • Good health
  • And more

About NSI Agency

For more than 15 years, we’ve been helping families and individuals find sensible insurance coverage for a reasonable price. Located in St. Paul MN, we can help people all over the twin cities metro area. NSI Agency is your path to protection, made easy.

Finding Great Insurance is Easy

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